"The synergy of clinical scenarios and data science is transforming how we make decisions for our patients and community. We are delighted and filled with excitement as we embark on this new journey alongside the Data and Statistics department, aligning seamlessly with the Oracle Health team. We are thankful for the support as we actively sought and receive assistance in adopting and independently navigating AI platforms, thus empowering nursing department to embrace and meaningfully adopt this technology."

Susan Plakottu Jacob
Nursing Informatics, Emirates Health Services

"Throughout the years, the nursing informatics team has dedicated efforts to enhance their data and analytics expertise. We are proud to state we are now excited to continue presenting our growth through inter-phasing with the Oracle Health team in EHS. This year, we expanded our familiarity with the AI dashboard, delving into the intricacies of backend builds and exploring features within EHS Intelligence. We aspire to see the nursing team increasingly leverage this platform in the future for the creation of nursing-driven dashboards. This journey and growth are made possible through our sustained collaboration efforts”

Miaad S. Mafazy
Nursing Informatics, Emirates Health Services

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