"I would like to share a case where the Pharmacy Clinical Surveillance (PCS) Program helped us save the life of a pediatric patient (4 months old). This patient was discharged from our hospital (as LAMA)- After discharge, our team received a PCS alert of positive candida in the blood sample of this patient; the clinical pharmacist communicated with the clinical team and their shared recommendations, following which the MRP Physician connected with the patient's family and urged them to visit the hospital for further treatment. It is well known that untreated candida infection has a negative clinical impact, and it can be life-threatening! Thank you to all who participated in the design of this program. We earnestly hope for your ongoing support with further enhancements, as they are crucial in our efforts to save lives."

Dr. Dua Jawhar
Clinical Pharmacy, Pharmacy Department, Saqr Hospital, Emirates Health Services

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