"On behalf of the PHC department, I would like to send you our great appreciation for all your great efforts with us during the year 2023, where, in collaboration with you and your team, we could present our projects at conferences overseas. Also, we managed to participate in multiple international awards competitions. Not to mention your great input and active role in our main work in the Wareed system to enhance PHC important projects like asthma, home care and many more. I would like to thank the Oracle Health team for all these great achievements, and I am looking for more collaborations in the coming years."

Dr. Naseem Mohamed Ibrahim
Primary Healthcare Department, Emirates Health Services

Diabetes Management

Center of Excellence Project

Nipah Virus & Measles

Infectious disease notifications

Antenatal travel certificates issued per quarter


Mean weight reduction in bariatric surgery patients

Award submissions

IV order sets created

IHI Triggers Integration​

Postnatal Transition of Care Workflow​

Diabetes Care Pathway​

Rehabilitation Services: Speech Therapy Program​

Bariatric Surgery Program Optimization​

EHS Pharmacotherapist Workflow

Pharmacy IV Sets Project​